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2001 Toyota Corolla Charcoal Canister Location

Assuming you would like a blog post discussing the 2001 Toyota Corolla’s Charcoal Canister: The charcoal canister in the 2001 Toyota Corolla is located near the back of the car, on the driver’s side. It is a small, black cylinder with a metal cap.

The canister is used to store charcoal, which is used to absorb and remove pollutants from the engine’s exhaust fumes.

If you’re looking for the charcoal canister on a 2001 Toyota Corolla, it’s actually located under the hood. Specifically, it’s located on the driver’s side near the firewall. It’s a fairly easy part to replace if necessary, and shouldn’t take too long to do so.

2001 Toyota Corolla Charcoal Canister Location



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Where is the Charcoal Canister Located on a 2001 Toyota Corolla

Assuming you are referring to the evaporative emissions control system (EVAP) canister: The EVAP canister is located under the car, near the fuel tank. It contains charcoal that absorbs and stores fuel vapors from the tank.

When the engine is running, the vapors are drawn into the engine and burned.

How Do I Replace the Charcoal Canister on a 2001 Toyota Corolla

Assuming you would like a step-by-step guide on how to replace the charcoal canister on a 2001 Toyota Corolla: 1. Park your car on a level surface and turn off the engine. Disconnect the negative battery cable using a wrench to loosen the terminal nut.

2. Raise your vehicle with a jack and secure it with jack stands. Locate the charcoal canister under the driver’s side of the vehicle, near the back wheel well. There are two 10mm bolts holding it in place.

Remove these bolts with a socket wrench and pull out the old canister.

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3. Inspect your new canister for any damage or defects. If everything looks good, go ahead and install it in the same location as the old one, making sure to line up all of the bolt holes correctly.

Start by hand-tightening each bolt, then finish tightening them with your socket wrench until they’re snug but not overly tight. 4 Reconnect your negative battery cable and start up your engine to test things out!

What are the Symptoms of a Bad Charcoal Canister on a 2001 Toyota Corolla

If your 2001 Toyota Corolla has a bad charcoal canister, you may notice one or more of the following symptoms: 1. Check Engine Light – The check engine light may come on if there is a problem with the charcoal canister or its related components. 2. Reduced Fuel Efficiency – A bad charcoal canister can cause your vehicle to use more fuel than normal.

This can lead to reduced fuel efficiency and increased emissions. 3. Engine Performance Issues – If the charcoal canister is not working properly, it can affect engine performance. You may notice decreased power and acceleration, as well as increased fuel consumption.

4. Exhaust Smell – If the charcoal canister is leaking, you may notice an exhaust smell inside the vehicle or outside of it when the engine is running.


The charcoal canister in a 2001 Toyota Corolla is located under the hood, on the driver’s side of the vehicle. The canister is connected to the engine by a series of hoses and pipes, and its purpose is to collect and store excess fuel vapors from the engine. When the engine is running, these vapors are drawn into the canister and held there until they can be burned off by the engine.

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