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Gold Badge Supra

Gold Badge Supra is an elite group of professional racers who compete in the Gold Supra Racing Series. The series is sanctioned by the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) and consists of races held at tracks across the United States. Gold Badge Supras are some of the most skilled and experienced drivers in NASCAR, and they are known for their aggressive driving style.

Many of NASCAR’s top drivers began their careers in the Gold Badge Supra series, and it is considered to be one of the premier development series in all of motorsports.

The Gold Badge Supra is a special edition of the Toyota Supra that was released in Japan in 1996. It was available in both coupe and convertible body styles, and was based on the second generation Supra (A80). The Gold Badge Supra featured gold-plated badges on the front grille, rear spoiler, and wheels.

It also had a unique interior with gold accents. Only 500 examples of the Gold Badge Supra were ever made, making it one of the rarest Toyotas ever produced. If you’re lucky enough to own one of these cars, you can be sure that you have a true collector’s item!

Gold Badge Supra


What is the Most Valuable Toyota Supra?

There are a few things to consider when thinking about the most valuable Toyota Supra. Age, condition, and modifications can all play a role in how much a Supra is worth. The very first generation of the Toyota Supra was introduced in 1978 and was only produced until 1981.

These early models are often considered the most valuable, as they are the rarest. If you can find one of these in good condition, it could be worth quite a lot of money.

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Modifications can also add value to a Supra.

If someone has taken the time and effort to modify their car, that usually means they really care about it and want it to perform at its best. This can make modified cars more desirable to buyers and therefore increase their value. Finally, condition is always important when determining value.

A well-maintained Supra that has been cared for over the years will be worth more than one that has been neglected or abused. If you are looking to buy aSupra, be sure to inspect it carefully to make sure it is in good condition before making an offer.

What is the Rarest Toyota Supra Mk4?

The rarest Toyota Supra Mk4 is the GT500. This was a special edition made for the Japanese market only. Just 500 were ever made, and all were left-hand drive.

The GT500 had a 3.0 liter turbocharged engine that produced 500 horsepower. This made it the most powerful production Supra at the time. It also had unique styling cues, such as a larger rear spoiler and different wheels.

If you’re lucky enough to find one of these rare cars, expect to pay a pretty penny – they can easily fetch over $100,000 USD.

Why is the Mark 4 Supra So Iconic?

When it comes to Japanese sports cars, there are few that are as iconic as the Toyota Supra. The mark 4 Supra, in particular, is a car that has been cemented in pop culture thanks to its appearances in movies, video games, and TV shows. But what makes the mark 4 Supra so iconic?

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For starters, the mark 4 Supra was the last of the “true” Supras. That is to say, it was the last Supra to be built on a separate platform from other Toyota models; all subsequentSupras have been based on existing Toyota platforms. This made the mark 4 Supra unique at the time and helped it stand out from other Japanese sports cars.

Another reason why the mark 4 Supra is so iconic is its engine. The 2JZ-GTE inline-six engine found in the turbocharged models was incredibly powerful and reliable. It could easily handle high levels of boost pressure and tuneups, making it a favorite among tuners and drag racers alike.

Finally, the styling of the mark 4 Supra was ahead of its time. Its aggressive body kit and large rear spoiler gave it an imposing look that was unmatched by any other Japanese sports car at the time (and even today). Plus, with its available widebody kit,the mark 4 Supra could really stand out from the crowd.

All these factors combined to make the ToyotaSupramark4 one ofthe most iconicJapanese sports cars ever made. Even 25 years after its initial release,it still holds a special place in many car enthusiasts’ hearts.

How Much is a Mk4 Supra Worth Today?

The Mk4 Supra was produced from 1993 to 2002 and is considered by many to be one of the best sports cars ever made. It’s not surprising then that these cars are becoming increasingly collectible and their values are on the rise. So, how much is a Mk4 Supra worth today?

It depends on a number of factors including condition, mileage, modifications and provenance. A well-maintained, low-mileage example in good condition can fetch upwards of $50,000 USD. modified examples with more power and performance upgrades can easily exceed $100,000 USD.

And if you’re lucky enough to find a rare limited edition model or one with an interesting history, prices can soar even higher.

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Whether you’re looking to buy or sell a Mk4 Supra, it’s important to do your research and know what the current market value is. With prices trending upwards, there’s never been a better time to invest in one of these classic Japanese sports cars.

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Gold Badge Supra Meaning

What is the Gold Badge Supra Meaning? The Gold Badge Supra is a designation given to those who have achieved a high level of success in their field. This can be given for many reasons, such as reaching a certain level of sales, or having a certain number of years of experience.

The badge itself is not given out by any one organization; instead, it is something that people in the industry give to each other as a way of showing respect.


The Gold Badge Supra is a special edition of the popular Toyota sports car. It is available in two colors, black and gold, and features special badging and trim. The Gold Badge Supra is limited to just 100 units, making it a rare find on the roads.

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