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Toyota Mr2 Headlight Conversion

The Toyota MR2 headlight conversion is a popular mod among car enthusiasts. The reason for this is because the stock headlights on the MR2 are not very good. They are made of plastic and they don’t give off a lot of light.

This can make it difficult to see at night and in bad weather. There are many different ways to convert your MR2 headlights, but the most popular is to use aftermarket headlights. Aftermarket headlights are usually made of aluminum or carbon fiber and they provide much better illumination than the stock headlights.

The Toyota MR2 is a popular sports car that was produced by the Japanese automaker Toyota from 1984 to 2007. The MR2 was available in both coupe and convertible body styles, and was powered by a four-cylinder engine. For many enthusiasts, the MR2 is an appealing vehicle because it is lightweight and agile.

Despite its popularity, the MR2 has not been without its problems. One common issue that owners face is headlight failure. Headlights on the MR2 are prone to moisture damage, which can cause them to stop working properly.

Fortunately, there is a solution for this problem: headlight conversions. Headlight conversions involve installing new headlights that are better sealed against moisture and other elements. This ensures that your headlights will stay in good working condition for much longer.

There are several companies that offer headlight conversion kits for the Toyota MR2. These kits usually include everything you need to install the new headlights, including instructions. Installing new headlights is generally not a difficult task, but it is important to follow the instructions carefully so that you do not damage your car’s electrical system.

If you are experiencing headlight problems on your Toyota MR2, then a headlight conversion may be the best solution. With a headlight conversion kit, you can keep your car looking good and driving safely for many years to come.

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Toyota Mr2 Headlight Conversion


What is Toyota Mr2 Headlight Conversion

The Toyota MR2 is a two-door, mid-engined sports car produced by Japanese automobile manufacturer Toyota from 1984 to 2007. It was available in three different body styles: hatchback, liftback and convertible. The MR2 went through two generations, with the first generation produced from 1984 to 1989 and the second generation produced from 1990 to 1999.

The first thing that you will need to do when considering a Toyota MR2 headlight conversion is to purchase the correct headlight bulbs. There are many different types and sizes of headlight bulbs on the market, so it is important to select the ones that will fit your vehicle correctly. You will also need to consider the type of light output that you desire.

Do you want brighter headlights or more focused beams? Brighter headlights will usually require larger bulbs, while more focused beams can be achieved with smaller bulbs. Once you have selected the correct bulbs, you will need to install them into your vehicle.

This process will vary depending on the make and model of your vehicle, but generally speaking, it is not too difficult. You may need to remove some bolts or screws in order to access the back of the headlight assembly, but once you have done this, simply insert the new bulb and screw it in place. Be sure not to touch the glass portion of the bulb with your fingers as this could cause premature burning out.

If your goal is simply to replace burned out bulbs, then that is all there is to it! However, if you are looking for a more complete Toyota MR2 headlight conversion, then there are a few additional steps that you can take. For example, many people choose to upgrade their headlights by installing HID (High Intensity Discharge) or LED (Light Emitting Diode) lights.

These lights provide a much brighter light than traditional halogen bulbs and can really improve your visibility when driving at night or in other low-light conditions. The installation process for these lights is generally similar to that of regular halogen bulbs; however, it is always best consult an expert if you are unsure about anything before proceeding.

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Why Would I Want to Do a Toyota Mr2 Headlight Conversion

If you’re looking to add a unique touch to your Toyota MR2, headlight conversion is a great way to go. Not only will it make your car stand out from the rest, but it can also improve its performance. Here are some of the benefits of doing a Toyota MR2 headlight conversion:

1. Improved visibility – One of the main reasons why people choose to convert their headlights is for improved visibility. With aftermarket headlights, you’ll be able to see better at night and in low-light conditions. This can be a great safety benefit, as well as simply making driving more enjoyable.

2. Better style – Another popular reason for converting your headlights is because it looks great! Aftermarket headlights come in all sorts of different styles, so you can really make your car stand out from the crowd. Whether you want something subtle or something that really makes a statement, there’s a headlight conversion kit out there for you.

3. More options – When you stick with stock headlights, you’re limited in terms of both style and function. With aftermarket options, however, the sky’s the limit! You can find kits that offer LED bulbs, projector beams, halos, and more – giving you plenty of ways to customize both the look and performance of your car’s lighting system.

4. Enhanced performance – In addition to looking good, many aftermarket headlights also offer enhanced performance over stock options. This is especially true of LED bulbs, which are much brighter than traditional halogen bulbs and consume less power as well. If improved visibility and style aren’t enough incentive for you, enhanced performance may just be the thing that tips you over the edge into converting your Toyota MR2’s headlights!

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How Do I Go About Doing a Toyota Mr2 Headlight Conversion

The Toyota MR2 is a popular choice for headlight conversions. Many people convert their MR2s to LED or HID headlights for better visibility and style. There are a few things to consider when doing a headlight conversion on your MR2.

First, you need to decide what type of headlights you want. LED and HID headlights are the most popular choices for MR2s. They offer better visibility than stock halogen headlights and can give your car a unique look.

Once you’ve decided on the type of headlights you want, it’s time to choose a kit. There are many different kits available on the market, so it’s important to do some research before making your purchase. Make sure to read reviews and compare prices before making your final decision.

Installing new headlights is not a difficult task, but it’s always best to follow the instructions that come with your kit. If you’re not comfortable installing them yourself, there are plenty of reputable shops that can do the job for you. A headlight conversion can give your Toyota MR2 a whole new look and improve its visibility at night.

With so many different options available, there’s sure to be a kit that’s perfect for your car!


In this blog post, the author details their experience converting the headlights on their Toyota MR2. They go into detail about the process, including what parts they used and how they did it. They also provide helpful photos and diagrams to illustrate the process.

Overall, they found it to be a relatively easy project that anyone with basic automotive knowledge should be able to do.

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