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What are the Buttons behind the Steering Wheel

Assuming you are referring to a car, there are typically four buttons behind the steering wheel. The two on the left are usually the turn signal and high beams. The one on the right is typically the windshield wiper controls.

And, in the middle, there is usually a button to turn on/off the traction control system.

The buttons behind the steering wheel are there to help you control your car. They include the horn, the turn signals, and the wipers. Each button has a different function, so it’s important to know what they all do before you start driving.

The horn is used to warn other drivers of your presence, while the turn signals let them know which way you’re going. The wipers help keep your windshield clean and clear in inclement weather. Knowing how to use these buttons can help make driving a smoother and safer experience for everyone involved.

What are the Buttons behind the Steering Wheel


What is the Panel behind the Steering Wheel Called?

The panel behind the steering wheel is called the instrument panel. It houses all of the gauges and displays that provide information to the driver about the vehicle’s speed, fuel level, engine temperature, and more. The instrument panel also typically includes a warning light that illuminates if there is an issue with one of the vehicle’s systems.

What Does the Plus And Minus Mean on the Back of Steering Wheel?

When you see a car with a plus and minus sign on the back of the steering wheel, it means that the car has an electronic stability control (ESC) system. The ESC system is designed to help keep the car stable while driving on slippery or wet roads. When the ESC system is turned on, it will automatically apply the brakes to one or more wheels if it detects that the car is starting to slide.

The plus and minus sign indicates whether or not the ESC system is turned on. If you see a minus sign, it means that the ESC system is turned off.

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What is the Purpose of the Touch Control Buttons on the Steering Wheel?

The touch control buttons on the steering wheel serve two purposes. The first purpose is to allow the driver to operate the infotainment system without taking their hands off the steering wheel. The second purpose is to provide haptic feedback so that the driver can feel when they are making a selection.

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Buttons on Steering Wheel

We all take for granted the many buttons and switches found on our car’s steering wheel. But have you ever stopped to think about what they all do? Let’s take a closer look at the most common buttons and switches found on steering wheels today.

The first button you’re likely to notice is the horn. Pressing this sends a warning signal to other motorists or pedestrians, alerting them of your presence. Next up are the turn signals.

These indicate to others when you intend to make a turn, change lanes, or merge onto another road. They’re an important safety feature that helps everyone around you know what your next move will be. The headlight switch is also located on the steering wheel in most cars.

This allows you to easily turn your headlights on and off as needed – no more fumbling for the knob! Many cars also have additional settings for their headlights, such as high beams and daytime running lights, which can also be controlled from the steering wheel. Another common button is the windshield wiper control.

This lets you operate your wipers without taking your hands off the wheel – essential when driving in rainy or snowy conditions! In some cars, this switch may also control other features like washers or rear window wipers.

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There are often additional controls located on one side of the steering wheel – these can vary depending on the vehicle but may include cruise control, audio controls, phone connectivity, and more.

Taking some time to familiarize yourself with all of the buttons and switches on your car’s steering wheel will help make driving easier and safer for everyone involved!


Most cars have four buttons behind the steering wheel. These are the turn signal, the windshield wipers, the headlights, and the horn. Each button has a different function that is essential to safe driving.

The turn signals let other drivers know when you are turning or changing lanes. The windshield wipers clear away rain or snow so you can see better. The headlights help you see at night or in bad weather.

The horn honks to warn other drivers or pedestrians when necessary.

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